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Our initial consultation visit is free.  This visit is where we will become acquainted with you and your pets.  We will take notes about your pets feeding and care, along with any other information we may need to be sure your pet and home will be safe and secure while you are away. 

Our standard visits include: feeding, walks, playtime, cleaning litter boxes or yard, administering any medications needed, and lots of love and attention. We also take care of: bringing in the mail and newspaper, putting out the garbage for pick up, watering plants, alternating lights and blinds, and anything else to follow your pet's or your normal routine.

PRICING: (All pricing subject to New York State sales tax)

Regular pet visits:  
-$16.00 per visit (1-3 pets), please call for rates if more than 3 pets

Mid day dog walks: (10AM-3PM)  (1-2 dogs)
-$16.00 (please call for rates if more than 2 dogs)

Overnight Visits:
-Rates start at $55.00 per night based on number of pets. Our overnight hours are from 7pm-8am.  One mid-day visit/walk discounted at $13.00 for half an hour.  (Limited availability-call early)

Holiday Rates:
$5.00  additional per day (not per visit): July 4th, Memorial day, Labor day, New Years eve
-$10.00  additional per day (not per visit): New Years day,Easter sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas day

Additional services:
Nail Trims Only (without sitting/walking service): $15.00 first pet, $10.00 each additional pet
-Nail Trims with sitting/walking service:  $7.00
-Anal Gland Expression:  $15.00
-Subcutaneous Fluid Administration (kidney patients) (we would use your supplies): $15.00
-Insulin Injection Only (without sitting/walking service):  $15.00
-Insulin Injection with sitting/walking service:  $5.00

We offer many other services upon request.

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